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Warm Weather Ice Service
from 60.00

The Pine Hill Warm Weather Ice Service is designed for busy customers who do not want to worry about being home for their delivery during the warmer months of the year. This service is a one time charge of $60 ($80 if you would like a Coleman Cooler) and expires on December 31st, 2017.  This includes:

1. Ice Service. Every time we deliver your meals we will place your order in your cooler with fresh frozen ice packs to ensure your meals stay chilled until you are home. No work is required on your end, just leave the ice packs in the cooler and we will exchange them for fresh ones on your next delivery. 

2. Personal Discount Code that will take 5% of your order total every time you order until your service expires. 

3. Delivery Text Alert. We will send you a text message immediately after your meals have been delivered to let you know your fresh meals are waiting. 

If you do not currently own a cooler that will fit your order we offer coolers for an additional $20.00

After purchasing, we will review your order and generate your discount code for ordering. 

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