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Pinehill Provisions is owned and operated by Chef Thomas Lankheet & Sara Ouderkirk. Thomas was born and raised in upstate NY, attended McQuaid Jesuit high school in Brighton and received his associates degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.
After many years rambling around the country in various kitchen positions, spending time as the Sous Chef of BANK restaurant in the Westin Hotel of Minneapolis and the Executive Chef of The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Denver CO, he left Denver to live in San Clemente CA and hit the drawing board for a new business idea. The healthy prepared meal concept was a new trend in food but was mostly targeting serious fitness athletes in large cities with steep price tags.
The idea for Pinehill Provisions began to come together with the thought that preparing composed dishes for people in a smaller community with fair prices could really change the landscape in the way people eat. Eating well will always be important but cooking at home every day is a huge challenge and can be wasteful, expensive and extremely time consuming. The meals are made each weekend in Naples NY and delivered Sunday evening to your home. Our meals are not frozen and are composed of lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, herbs, salt & spices. We use Extra virgin olive oil for the majority of our finishing applications along with blended olive oil for cooking. We try to avoid any unnecessary sugar, additives or preservatives. If you have any questions please feel free to text or call 585-368-8654 or email us at pinehillprovisions@gmail.com. Thanks!


PineHill Provisions is Located at 8629 State Route 21 Naples, New York. (585) 368-8654 pinehillprovisions@gmail.com